Life begins by letting go of all your Fears

Louisa Hoy Healing

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“I really enjoyed my hypnotherapy session with Louisa.  She really put me at ease and felt very relaxed with her.  Louisa listens to my fears and is very understanding especially in dealing with my phobia of wasps.  I now feel comfortable sitting out in the summer and the wasps do not bother me.”
Sarah R - High Wycombe

“I have experienced Hypnotherapy with Louisa and found her to be professional but gentle in her approach which resulted in very positive results for me.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have Hypnotherapy.  She is an amazing person and really helped me.”
Gaye M - Oxfordshire


“For years I have had a terrible fear of spiders and felt the time had come to see if i could overcome this phobia.  
My visit to see Louisa started with a talk that made me very calm.  The time spent with her was peaceful and relaxing and i feel the experience has helped considerably.  No longer do those eight scurrying legs hold such terror for me.”
Susan R - High Wycombe

“In the summer of 2015 I was told I was borderline type 2 diabetes and needed to lose some weight to control the condition.
I had struggled with yo-yo dieting for many years so I needed to take some positive action to ensure that this time the weight loss would be permanent.
I consulted Louisa and found her to be calming and uplifting. Her sessions of relaxation and gentle hypnosis were designed to establish positive thinking and improve my self esteem.
After a few consultations I found my attitude to life had changed and I was generally more relaxed and confident.
I achieved my goals and I now continue the therapy using the relaxation CDs that Louisa provided. These keep me on track in both physical health and mental attitude.
I can unreservedly recommend Louisa to potential clients who need the services of a caring professional therapist.”
Anne W - Oxfordshire