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Louisa Hoy Healing

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Introduction to Reiki

Introduction to Anusha

I began my Reiki Journey in 2012 and  have felt huge shifts over the following years.  I always thought the training for Reiki and other healing therapies was for my own personal development. I now believe that Reiki is a fundamental place to start on the spiritual path or to be part of your on going journey to discover yourself and help others on your path. As your Reiki Master and Teacher it is my aim and commitment for me to be with you on your special journey.

Following on from my Reiki training I felt so excited I wanted to know what was available to me regarding other healing modalities and Anusha Healing soon followed.  I felt that it was good to have a variety of expertise and a broader understanding so I could offer more to clients and students. The Anusha energy links with the energies of the stars which I really connected with when healing my own clients, family and friends.  I felt that it was important to share Anusha with others and as your Anusha Master and Teacher it is my aim to do so.