Life begins by letting go of all your Fears

Louisa Hoy Healing

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Self esteem:

Why is it that some people seem to have more confidence than others? Do you believe you can change this? The answer is YES, but knowing how is the key and that is where I come in.  It could be that on the outside you feel confident but on the inside unknown to others it feels completely different.  By working with Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP I can work with a range of techniques to find out the root cause of the lack of self-esteem, resolve it and work together to find how you do want to be instead.  What does having more confidence mean to you?  How would others around you feel about you when you do have it, may there be some who don’t like the new more confident you?  We can work together in our session to discuss any concerns you may have and come to a solution of who you want to be.