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Louisa Hoy Healing

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Mary Magdelene Healing

At the first appointment I will take a case history including a medical history check and reasons for the treatment.  The treatment will be held on a therapy bed with no shoes and you will be fully clothed. Blankets and a heated room will be provided for your own comfort. Mary Magelene healing has the ability to work through clothes, blankets or other forms of wear.  The actual healing session will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Treatment Cost:

£80 for 1 session
£300 for 4 sessions

This is a very gentle but powerful hands on healing used to release past emotional stress and traumatic memories helping you to move forward joyfully on your path of life.  You will receive powerful tools (body keys) to use in your daily life.  This wonderful healing energy was re-introduced to Sarnika Merkel in 2009 and was later passed on to myself and others through her one to one teachings.  This is a healing that works with the energy of Mary Magdelene herself and connects with a deep state of unconditional love helping to lift deep trauma.  The treatment involves washing and oiling of the feet, followed by the use of body keys in certain areas of the body to promote deep healing.  Mary Magdelene finally found unconditional love in the presence of Jesus which led to her enlightenment into pure love and it is this energy that we will be working with together.