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Louisa Hoy Healing

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This is an ancient technique that uses chanting and toning to heal the client. It allows the energy centres to open up and align leading to positive states and balance.  Using Kotodama reiki symbols are chanted as part of the healing session by using vowel sounds and primary consonant sounds.  This technique can fit well whilst drumming and chanting simultaneously creating shifts and change.  The Kotodama is influenced by Shinto and Buddhist disciplines, Dr Usui may have used these when teaching his students and for healing purposes.

At the first appointment I will take a case history including a medical history check and reasons for the treatment.  The treatment will be held on a therapy bed with no shoes and you will be fully clothed. Blankets and a heated room will be provided for your own comfort .  Reiki has the ability to work through clothes, blankets or other forms of wear.  The actual healing session will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Treatment Cost:

£80 for 1 session
£300 for 4 sessions