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Also known as "Herkheimer Reaction"
During or following a healing treatment the organs in the body work to remove waste products from it. Old tissues are replaced by new tissues.

During healing of the body bacteria within the body die off. These bacteria are toxins known as endotoxins which are released into the body. These are fat soluble and changed by the liver into water soluble. Then they are moved to the kidneys which with the help of water flushes them out in the urine.

If there is not enough water the kidney can't flush all the toxins out and this leads to a build up of metabolic waste, this can lead to gallstones, allergies, hypertension, kidney stones or kidney failure. This can be simply prevented by drinking lots of water post treatment.

What causes a healing crisis:

A healing crisis occurs when the body has made too many endotoxins and toxins than the body can break down. This means that any endotoxins or toxins that are fat soluble are charged into water soluble in the liver. If the liver cannot cope with this backlog then the fat soluble toxins and endotoxins enter the blood stream and move to certain body parts become trapped and lead to joint pain, muscle pain and inflammation.
In time the body re-absorbs them and they will again move back to the liver and be converted into water soluble so the kidneys can get rid of them through the urine.

Healing Crisis Symptoms:
Muscle pain
Joint pain
Cold and flu like symptoms
Mood swings
Over emotional
Over reacting
Panic attacks
Sinus congestion
Mild fever

Healing Crisis