Life begins by letting go of all your Fears

Louisa Hoy Healing

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During our treatments and on a daily basis we need to make sure we are centred and balanced so that we connect with the Earth that supports us and so that we don't take on the energy of others. As a result we remain in our own bodies and won't be so open to negative energies of others.

Have you ever noticed when you speak to a friend who needs your support and after talking to them you feel drained of energy, this is because they have linked with your energy and taken some of your energy from you. So being centred within our body and protected will stop this occurring.  It is vital for healing treatments so we are protecting ourselves and our patients from picking up these energies.  As a result this will gives us more strength, more balance, it will create a bridge between our higher self and guides.

As it is important to ground and protect yourself it is as important to do the same with your client. Just as your energy can be accessed if not grounded and protected so can theirs. As you become attuned to spiritual energies like Reiki it will affect your energy levels and you will become more vulnerable so it is vital for your wellbeing.

The more spiritually aware you become the more sensitive you will become to energies around you.

So how do we ground ourselves?
Eating food (dark chocolate is great)!
Drinking water
Walking especially barefoot outside in nature
Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi
Gardening or being within a garden
Visualisation and meditation practices

Symptoms of not being grounded:
A feeling of being spaced out
Daydreaming and hallucinations
Feeling sick
Heart palpations
Eyes flickering
Weight gain
Static shocks
Falling asleep during meditation
Having lots of ideas that don't materialise
Arguing but not getting your point across
Being noise and light sensitive

Grounding & Protection