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Louisa Hoy Healing

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At the first appointment I will take a case history including a medical history check and reasons for the treatment.  The treatment will be held on a therapy bed with no shoes and you will be fully clothed. Blankets and a heated room will be provided for your own comfort .  This therapy has the ability to work through clothes, blankets or other forms of wear.  The actual healing session will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Treatment Cost:

£80 for 1 session
£300 for 4 sessions

Crystal Healing


Crystals store energy and have been used since life on earth began, in this case the energy they contain is very powerful in their own unique way.  Crystals are used in many areas including crystal healing, house clearing, aura sprays etc  and can work with specific parts of the body and within the chakra and aura systems.  Each crystal has its own electromagnetic charge which interact within the body systems to remove blocked energy and allow for flowable energy around the body resulting in optimum health.  It is important to understand that with other medical treatment they are not a substitute for medication but act well as a combined therapy. There are many crystals available to use and each of a variation of colour that connect with the rainbow spectrum and can therefore be used on specific chakras to bring health and balance.