Life begins by letting go of all your Fears

Louisa Hoy Healing

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Q: Will I lose control (dancing like a chicken)?
A: You’re fully in control at all times.
Q: Will I be able to get out of the trance state or remain stuck?
A: No there is no danger of this, you have complete control
Q: What does the trance state feel like?
A: A light trance can feel similar to day dreaming and a deeper trance can feel like waking up from being asleep.
Q: Will you be able to fix me?
A: The therapy itself will only work with the client’s participation and their wish to change.  For example I can tell you how to clean your teeth and clean them but you will have to use the toothbrush in-between visits.  The change lies within the client and I will act as the guide for change.
Q: Can anyone be hypnotised?
A: As humans we live in a natural trance state 90% of the time, some are more relaxed than others and we can be in a trance state without realising. If we live in trance states and hypnosis is a trance state then that means that we can all be hypnotised.

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