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What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Louisa Hoy Healing

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a framework of models that allow the therapist to choose the appropriate technique based on what the client thinks and feels. It acts as a meta-therapy meaning that it involves the best approach selected from a range of therapies.  Each client is individual and will have different needs and it is the role of the therapist to choose the best course of action by working within the clients model. This gives lasting results and puts the client back in control.  
The aim of cognitive hypnotherapy is to use a natural trance state, the same one we use in everyday life such as when we are driving to work and don’t know how we got there.   We are in these natural trance states 90% of the time.
We can have anything we want we just have to change our thought patterns to allow this to happen. These thought patterns are stored in the unconscious and it is by unlearning misinterpretations from these past traumatic events that changes can be made.  This could be by changing a limiting belief connected to a past event and to the relationship behind it, creating a butterfly effect for change.