Life begins by letting go of all your Fears

Louisa Hoy Healing

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The Aura is an egg shaped energy field that extends outwards in all directions away from the physical body and comes from the Greek word meaning breeze.  The Aura varies in colour which is determined by ones mood or personality.  The state of the Aura is shown by ones physical, mental emotional states.

The Aura is invisible by most but some are able to see it.  The aura is denser closest to the body and becomes thinner as it expands away from the body.  Most human auras expand from one to five feet from around the body but as one becomes more spiritually developed it can expand up to 50 feet from the body and sometimes further.


There are 7 layers to the human aura which blend into one another. These layers may also be termed bodies.

All objects, animals’ plants etc. have auras.  Some can see auras some can feel them and each layer of the aura is related to its corresponding chakra.