“If there was one thing you could have in your life that would change it for the better, what would it be?”

A little about me and how I can help you:

I qualified as a Dental Hygienist from the University of Birmingham Dental School in April 2008. I came to a time in my life where I wanted to understand more about myself and how I could help others.

Louisa Hoy

Working in a medical profession really opened my eyes. I decided that alongside working on my own self-development I could also use those tools to help others. I became a healer and teacher in a variety of areas understanding how energy moves around the body and how it can transform lives.

I felt it important to learn about individual behavioural patterns and qualified in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

I graduated from the Ayni Foundation’s one year programme in shamanic self-mastery, Natural Wisdom Leaders, and now carry a mesa in the Q’ero and Pachakuti tradition.

Do you struggle with low self-worth and want to be empowered as a strong woman, honouring your body and image inside and out? Energetically the body can hold trauma following life circumstances and if not dealt with can lead to illness.

By working with a range of techniques such as hands-on healing, crystal therapy and
hypnotherapy I can guide you on the steps towards your individual transformation
giving your power as a woman back to you.

The above is a mediation on the Power of Love