Emotional Trauma

From time to time life can bring us challenges, it can be as small as someone saying something unkind or a major life event. The problem with it is that it can effect the cellular matrix of the body. There are chakras that run up and down the spine like vortexes of energy. When an unkind word is said it affects the cells in the body creating a negative affect. This negative energy is then stored in the body and chakras. If it continues to be triggered we can either create more of that trauma and form a negative belief pattern or we can change it.

Dr Masaru Emoto believed and proved that if you put negative thoughts into water it changed the cellular structure of the water and if you put positive thoughts into the water it would again change the structure of water.

Dr Masaru Emoto effect on water

Why is this so important? Our human body is made up of 60% water and if we are constantly feeding our bodies within negative thoughts then this will affect the entire structure of our body creating more and more trauma. If we create a positive feedback loop and fill that 60% of water up with positive thoughts then we can change anything. The results are staggering.

Why do we make it so hard on our selves?

Because that is what we are used to doing and we need to change that around for the better. The good news is we can release trauma from the body by doing exercises such as shaking, we can use hypnotherapy tools to work on the old patterns of behaviour, and shamanic healing works well to heal this amongst other modes. Getting out of a negative pattern can be easy but we become so used to what we are doing we find it hard to make change. Often the longer we are in a routine the harder it can be to change it. The power of the unconscious also plays a really important part. The unconscious part of the mind that makes up 90% of the brain stores information to keep us safe from harm. So we stay with what is normal for us as the unconscious sees it as safe even if it’s not. So we have to work with the unconscious to change these old belief patterns to something more possible.

If I could wave a magic wand and you could have anything you want to make your life better what would it be?

This is a Hypnotherapy based question. What comes to mind first of all? We often look at what we don’t want most of all and forget about what we do want. We can become so used to thinking with a negative mind frame that we forgot how to be positive. A really wonderful way to change this is with mirror work. If you can go to a mirror and sit, get comfortable and see yourself say nice things for a few minutes. If you can do it twice a day for a month. It may seem odd at first but keep doing it and you may begin to notice little things around you getting better, you may feel happier inside and out and that means others around you treat you nicely too. If you remember this what we think of ourselves in the inside directly affects us on the outside so if you feel happy on the inside then you will notice that that gets mirrored back and it’s that change which makes it all worth it.

Cooking with positive intention

If someone says something unkind to us or we are feeling sad and decide to cook food with those feelings going on we are then adding that intention into the food we are eating and we end eating our intent. So try if feeling low to cook with the most love you can.

We have heard this saying before, we are what we eat! It’s true if we eat good raw foods the body can cope with it better and break it down. If we constantly feed it sugar, confectionary foods, fatty foods like fish and chips, alcohol the body struggles more to digest them. We often get a peak in sugar levels followed by a low as it takes more work for the body to break it down. Eating such foods can also effect the brain and how it works. Obviously it may not be easy to be 100% healthy all of the time but the more the better. You will see the difference in your sleep patterns, skin issues will improve amongst other signs as the body returns to health.

Ways to release trauma

Its really useful to get outside, go for walks, being out in the sun is a great way to improve wellbeing, (obviously wearing sunscreen if needed). Also finding ways to be in your body such as running and dance. These are also ways of releasing trauma and gaining confidence in yourself again.
A really lovely way to boost happiness is to write down the good things that happen in your day. There could be 2-3 the more the better. The more we think about the bad things the more negative thoughts we create if we think positive we can create more if that. I’d much rather be happy than sad. It’s important to feel sad, to go through grief, but we can get stuck in that cycle longer than necessary so we have to build up our foundations again. It takes a little effort to get used to it but when we do the results can be staggering. It’s worth it don’t you think?!

Listening to positive music

Often when listening to music the words can be quite negative. When listening to music we can often go into a trance like state, if we are listening to negative music that’s the information the brain receives. This also happens when we spend too much time on social media, on video games etc. So it’s really important to change what we are listening to. The more positive the better. If yo listen to positive music in a trance like state we can change it this around.

Food supplements

There are some really useful ways to boost wellbeing such as CBD paste (a cannabis based paste that has no hallucinogenic THC in it and is legal), Ashwaganda, nootropics. I am not a medical doctor so can not suggest doses or amounts of the above but they are legal to buy like Vitamins are. It is best to consult with your doctor or Ayurvedic practitioner.

The overall of this is to really take care of yourself. Take care of you body inside and out and what you get back in return will be the best you can possibly be. A lot of health issues in elders are due to lack of self care. The sooner we start working on this the better. Most people above 45+ and are taking medication for type 2 diabetes, heart issues, stroke. These are so common. If we get this right now we could save ourselves a lot of trouble latter on.

If you found this blog interesting and would like more information about how I can help you to improve your life to be the you you want to be. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to help you go to those spaces within. For more information please contact me.

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