Events and Cacao Journey

If I could go back in time being the me I was who went on a half marathon run followed by a bottle of wine I think looking to the me now I would never have believed it were possible.

Through a lot of hard work and sitting with my Mesa (altar) daily for almost 3 years the changes have been incredible. Even up to the point I now consider myself a none drinker! I would have never have believed that. Always sprinting to finish previously now much slower taking my time to breathe, to feel, has been a huge journey for me.

How can I help you?

What in your life is missing? Do you feel like you are going in circles often coming to the same conclusion? Is this what defines you or would you like help changing that so it no longer creates your story for you? How about this, where do you see yourself? How would you like your life to be? If I waved a magic wand and you could have anything to make your life better what would it be?

If this appeals to you I can help in a number of ways, through my shamanic teachings in link with my hypnotherapy skills to help lead you in the right direction.

Through my Natural Wisdom Leader course and the tools I have learnt a long the way I’m here carrying out my souls journey. This feels like transformation time has come. I often felt spirit bugging me pushing me to do more but I didn’t feel ready. Then I jumped off the cliff and made a soft landing. It has been so much fun.

For the first time really surrendering to the Earth ‘Pachamama’ and all she would bring. We spend so much time trying to control everything it becomes impossible to keep on top. I found that yes I still have to work hard yet give myself a few minutes to check in and see what is really going on. I remember scuba diving once in a drift dive where one is meant to drift with the currents, trying to swim against it was impossible and tiring. This is very much like life, sometimes fast sometimes slow. If we give ourselves time out to press the pause button we can allow something better in.

Cacao ceremonies

One of the ways I have been helping my community is by creating cacao ceremonies and meditations combined. The wonderful thing about this is I get to connect with the beautiful plant cacao mixed into a hot liquid with spices. The aromas being exquisite.

What I am creating here is not a normal cup of hot chocolate but I actually spend a good 40 mins to an hour blessing the drink with prayers, songs, spices, tobacco and lots of love before we drink it. What that brings is the possibility for the recipient to feel that love inside them.

The cacao ceremonies involve a group of people sitting together. We begin with a sharing about where we are in our lives and what we want help with.

I then get everyone to taste the yummy hot liquid cacao, lie down and connect with the energies. I call the energies of the cacao in by singing a song or prayer and combining this with a meditation. This allows the client to feel relaxed and calm but also bursting with energy.

The meditation brings the body into a state of peace and wellbeing. So much so that the recipient feels blessed, healed and incredibly peaceful.

Cacao is a wonderful way to open the heart up and with my help we get to go to those places that need love the most. We then end with a sharing and integration.

Warm Cacao

I’m carrying out these ceremonies at the Watlington Club in Watlington Oxfordshire once a month for an hour and a half where we sit together discuss what’s happening in our lives and finding ways to transform and heal.

Deer Spirit Healing Events

Once a month I have been doing short healings, a taster if you like in the Oxfordshire area. A lady called Julie Fenn leads it and does many throughout the year. My first one was in High Wycombe and it was so lovely to be around other healers with the same goal in mind. That is to serve humanity as we grow at this time.

Shamanic Healing

Always doing something for the first time seems scary but as soon as I was there it was so much fun to open space and allow those who needed healings to come. I’m looking forward to doing more. If you go to my events page you can see when the dates are of the events and cacao ceremonies.

Why I feel it is good is that you can see what work I do and visit me in person to see if I can help you in your life’s plan.

What’s going on in there?

Where are you in life right now? How do you feel? When was the last time you stopped to feel? I had no idea how to even do this. I would wake up, go to work go home, go out with friends, go to the gym watch television, go to bed. That was my life. For some that is enough for some we need more as it doesn’t seem to fit the expansiveness of it all.

I never knew what I was creating the same relationship over and over again, I often thought men hated me after failure after failure. What I realised most of all was I don’t have time for me, I didn’t love me inside and out. How can one expect to find that on the outside without going inward. This is the healing work I do as I want to help others go to those secret places with a helping hand.

If this feels like I’ve touched areas of your life that need extra attention then please feel free to get in contact with me. I would love it if you came for a cup of cacao and meditation to open up your heart. Or even a healing at one of my shows. A taster of love awaits behind those doors beckoning you in.

Please check out my events page or get in contact for more information. Many thanks.

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