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One of the fundamental rules for me is to clear energy that becomes stagnant in the body which can if left cause disease and trauma. In my earlier blog I discussed how energy works and how it can be moved around the body.

I was first taught how to move and heal the energetics of the body with Reiki. I feel the teachings are really important in understanding the fundamentals about energy healing work and how it can be used to restore health.

What is Reiki and how does it work?

Reiki (Pronounced Ray-Key)

Reiki is a hands on healing technique that works with the Universal Life Force Energy. It was introduced by Dr Usui at the end of the 19Th Century.

By working with this healing energy it is a link to enlightenment that will affect those using it in huge proportions for life development and enlightenment. It has come to us at this time in order to work with the the modern day.

Reiki enters the body of the practitioner through the crown chakra. From the crown chakra it flows through the heart chakra toward the chest and out to both arms and hands where it is passed through the finger tips to the person being healed.

Energy Healing

History of Reiki

Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Mikao Usui

was born on August 15th 1865 in Nagoya Japan. He studied in medicine, psychology, religion and divination.

He had many jobs as a Civil Servant, Employee of a company, journalist and to rehabilitate prisoners. He later became the mayor of Tokyo and a successful businessman. Although with all these high achievements this was not enough as he wanted to find the key to enlightenment. He chose to follow a Master in Zazen meditation and for three years worked with this but he still felt something was missing so his Master teacher explained to him about a practice that would be an experience close to death.

The problem was that Dr Mikao Usui thought this meant he would have to die to reach this feeling, so in 1922 he went to Kurama Yama to fast and meditate. This mediation involved standing under a waterfall and allowing the water to strike over the head in order to activate the crown chakra.

He carried this practice until he became so week that in March 1922 at midnight on the 21st day he saw a light that knocked him in the head and entered his mind and this jolt caused him to become unconscious. As the sun rose he woke up still feeling very week but with a sense of vitality as he had a new level of awareness now and he believed that he had been given the gift of enlightenment.

As he ran down the mountain in excitement he stubbed his toe and as he placed his hands on his toe the pain went and his toe was healed and he felt that he was given two gifts and was overjoyed.

When he got home he spent time with his family and friends developing his gifts and came up with a healing system called Shin-Shin Kai-Zen Usui Reiki Ryo-Ho. It is important to know that Reiki was not made up by Dr Mikao Usui as there were other forms of Reiki being taught at this time.

In April 1922 he moved to Tokyo and started a society named Usui Reiki Ryoho Gikki and opened a clinic where he gave classes and carried out treatments.

The first level was called Shoden (First Degree) and was split into four levels, then Okuden (inner Teaching) split into two levels, then Shinpiden (mystery Teaching) which we call master level. It was later on that Mrs Hawayo Takata changed this system to work with the western lifestyle of today.

It is told that Dr Mikao Usui worked with three symbol’s but this did not include the Master Symbol (Hiroshi Doi and Hyakuten Inamoto, Arjave petter and Tado Yamaguchi researched this).Overtime Dr Mikao continued to change his methods improving how he taught and carried out treatments.

He went on to teach many and his first successor was Mr J Ushida but other history tells that his successor was Chujiro Hayashi.

Chujiro Hayashi.

Chujiro Hayashi opened his clinic and was a doctor in the Navy and his school and clinic. Hayshi Reiki Kenkyukai was opened. He came up with a manual and guidelines for Reiki and how it could be used in different ways and for different situations. Chujiro Hayashi also changed the technique that Dr Mikao Usui had used and instead of doing treatment whilst seated he used a treatment table. On May 1940 he carried out a ritual suicide and died as he was going to have to go back to war ant this life no longer served him.

Hawayo Takata

Hawayo Takata

Hawayo Takata was born in Decemeber 1900 in Kauai Hawaii. On becoming ill with severe abdominal pains she went to Japan and later diagnosed with a tumour, gallstones appendicitis and asthma and was to have an operation but instead asked to be treated at the Hayashi Sensei’s Clinic instead.

She spent time in this healing clinic where work was carried out on her by two people over a four month period and was healed. She was fascinated by this work that she wanted to learn how to do it.

Mrs Takata received her First Degree Reiki from Dr Hayashi in 1936 and worked for a year with him and received the Second Degree. She then returned to Hawaii in 1937 and Chujiro Hayashi came to Hawaii in 1937 to help set up Reiki in Hawaii and Mrs Takata received her Reiki Master in 1938.

It was in Mrs Takatas view that training should be paid for out of respect. It was also in her belief that no notes should be taken for Reiki and it was to be taught by only peaking about it. There is knowledge that both Dr Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayahsi both used manuals to teach Reiki and she chose to eliminate the Japanese system hand layouts and the attunement process changed also.

The history as told by Mrs Hawayo Takata was different to that previously known and it was thought that all the Reiki Masters that had died in the World War II and previously with Dr Usui’s teaching no longer existed and now evidence is showing up about a change in belief of the origins of Reiki. The Gakkai secret society secretly still existed and the evidence came out.

After Mrs Hawayo Takata died in the mid 1980’s Iris Ishikura then carried on the teaching but at a lower fee and the restrictive rules put in place by Mrs Takata began to be replaced

Reiki works with 5 basic principles:

The Five Principles of Reiki Are:

1:Just For Today Do Not Worry

Kyo Dake Wa Shin Pai Suna

2:Just For Today Do Not Anger

Kyo Dake Wa Ikaruna

3Just For Today Honour Your Parents, Teachers and Elders

Kyo Dake Wa Hito ni Shinsetsuni

4: Just For Today Earn Your Living Honestly

Kyo Dake Wa Gyo o Hagame

5:Just For Today Show Gratitude To Every Living Thing

Kyo Dake Wa Kan Sha Shite

Benefits of Reiki:

⋆ Valuable tool for anyone for anything

⋆ Can be used as a form of relaxing treatment like going for a massage (combining these therapies can work well)

⋆ Reiki is powerful and gentle and will cause no damage to the body

⋆ Works with other forms of therapies or medical treatment

⋆ Reiki will not take over as a substitute for medical conditions but will work with them for a quicker recovery

⋆ Reiki works well with depression, grief, stress, pain……….

⋆ When treating someone with Reiki you will receive a healing at the same time as we are all connected as one

⋆ Daily self-treatments are useful for personal development, growth and general wellbeing.

⋆ Reiki can be used on plants to help them to grow (Trees included)

⋆ Reiki can be used on animals as for humans. (Sending the healing through their ears is a gentle and effective way to carry this out)

⋆ Reiki can be used to send love to the universe or to any situation [3]

There are 4 levels in teaching:


In this level we look at energy and how it can be moved around the body. More importantly how we can heal ourselves and close relatives even our pets.


In this level we work with a number of symbols which can only be handed down with space between levels or the energy would be too strong for the body to cope with. It is advised to have 3 months space between levels.

From this level onwards you can legally charge clients for any healing work you do.


In this level you are given a final number of symbols to work with age it anchors all the other teachings but also means the energy coming through is stronger.


With this level I can teach you how to teach others so these beautiful traditions can be handed down. We will go over any other teachings learnt and anchor anything needed to allow you to help as many people as possible.

I feel it is important here to share a visual of my teachers lineages. My teacher who taught me Reiki amongst other teachings is Gaynor Mentiply.

If you would like more information about Reiki and how it may benefit you please get in contact with me on

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