My History

As a Natural Wisdom Leader

I felt it important to follow my ethnic roots. I am half British and half Belizian. The ancient Mayan lineages which run through my bloodline are strongly connected with Belize. This is why healing with cacao is so important to me. Cacao can mostly be found in West Africa and South America.


Ixcacao is the Mayan goddess of chocolate. She is an earth and fertility goddess. The Mayans worked hard in the fields collecting grain for their family to survive. Ixcacao wanted to make sure all were fed. It is this tradition I wish to share with others. Making sure all are fed with the love and gratitude we may have forgotten about. This means creating a connection with earth ways again.

For the story of Ixcacao click here:

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Ceremonial Cacao:

When we sit either one to one or in a group cacao can really unite us together as one. It is a beautiful heart opening medicine that unites us or allows us to go deeper with the self. During this process we are giving ourselves a chance to slow down and allow our bodies to rest and receive love.

Receiving love from pure ixcacao the goddess of chocolate is incredible. Excitingly it is relatively inexpensive and easy to get hold of . It could replace many other pharmaceuticals for issues such as anxiety and depression on consultation with a doctor.

Ceremonial Cacao


For ceremonial cacao to be considered ‘ceremonial grade’ it must be made in a specific way.

1: the beans are fermented, sun dried or toasted.

2: the husks are removed and stone ground

3: this creates a paste which is set into a block nothing added or removed

4: the beans fat is kept so the body can absorb it steadily

5: in some parts of the world prayers are made during the process

Cacao bean
Cacao paste dried into a block

Here is a video of how it’s is made by the Mayans

Why does it make you feel so good?

Cacao contains penythylamine PEA which triggers endorphins and neuro chemicals making you feel wonderful!! It is the same good feeling we get when eating confectionary chocolate but the results being much stronger and longer lasting.

Not only that it has many antioxidants in it and the theobromine helps to stimulate the central nervous system giving the body an increase in energy.

A really important factor is cacao contains a strong source of iron. It is very useful for those with iron deficiency or for women when on their period.

How much to use:

When used for deep meditation or ceremonial purposes 42g of cacao is considered a full dose. If trying for the first time it maybe good to try half this amount.

The 42g is then added to water and spices are added such as cinnamon, cloves and chilli and brewed for some time. What results is a thick delicious heart warming cup of cacao.


Like with most medicines there are times when a lower dose should be used these are:

Antidepressants (MOAI )and (SSRI)so starting with a lower dose can be advised.

Cacao acts as a vasodilator and increases heart rate and so lowers blood pressure. A lower dose for anyone with heart conditions can be used.

Pregnancy and breast feeding, due to theobromine which acts in a same way as caffeine has a stimulating affect. On consultation with a doctor 1oz maybe advised.

Where to buy cacao:

There are many places to buy cacao here are a few that have been made for ceremonial purposes

The cacao club

Forever cacao

If this has been of interest to you and would like to meditate with cacao please look here: Wellness Bundles

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