Crystals & Healing

It’s amazing how something so beautiful can be so useful and has been for millennia. There maybe some scepticism for their use. However from my own personal experience I strongly believe crystals have many benefits.

The word crystal comes from the Greek word ‘Krystalos’ meaning ‘ice’.

Crystals have been used for centuries in different countries dating back to at least 6,000 years.

A Little bit of science

There are over 5,400 minerals known to man on planet Earth. A mineral is “a naturally occurring, homogenous solid, in organically formed with well defined chemical composition. It is an ordered atomic arrangement, that has been formed by geological processes on earth”

Almost all the earth is formed of crystals and each Crystal is grown in a specific way creating their morphological structure.

The morphological structures are:

Cubic, tetraganol, hexagonal, trigonal, orthorombic, monoclinic, triclinic, and amorphous.

For more information on the crystal systems click here.

For more information on the chemical composition of crystals click here.

Why are crystals so important?

We have meridians in the body that send nerve impulses to other parts of the body. Just like when we have pain in our knee the real problem is in our hip. The hip sends nerve signals to the knee to alert us that something is wrong. The meridian system is a mapping system that when understood can create better capacity for healing to occur. It is this system that is used for acupuncture.

When the body experiences trauma wether it be mental or physical the energy within the meridians can become blocked creating pain or disease in that part of the body.

Just as the physical body has energy that runs through it so do crystals. By placing crystals in specific places ie where pain is being experienced this creates and energetic link like a circuit and shifts the energy so it can flow freely through the body again.

Crystals and Chakras

Chakra layout :

There are 7 core chakras that run up the mid part of the body along the spine. These are like wheels or gateways that link the meridians together.

They start at the base of the spine and run to the top of the head. Each chakra has a colour and this donates which crystal we would use in that area.

Crystals also come in 7 main colours the colours of the rainbow the colours of the chakras. Each crystal will have its own healing properties and crystal dictionaries have been published to utilise this.

For example:

Robert Simmons: The book of stones

Philip Permutt: The crystal healer

The Base chakra:

Red in colour.

Found at the base of the spine. Any issues here would show up as anxiety, feeling un-grounded. Fear of the unknown. In this case a red or black crystal would be used such as red jasper, red jade, obsidian.

Sacral Chakra:

Orange in colour

Located at the genital area below the belly button. If this is out of balance we may have issues with addictions, lack of creativity, lethargy and surrounding organs such as the ovaries, lower back can be affected. Crystals to use here could be carnelian, sandstone, orange calcite.

Solar Plexus:

Yellow in colour

The emotional centre of the body. Found above the belly button below the chest. The power centre of the body. If someone is over emotional, in loss of control mode or has been in an argument with someone, then the solar plexus is often out of balance. Crystals to use here could be: yellow jasper, citrine, Amber, pyrite

Heart Chakra:

Pink or green in colour

Located around the area of the heart or in the middle of the chest. Physically people may have heart problems, breast cancer. Emotionally they may be in a lot of emotional pain and fear of lack of love. Crystal that could be used are: Mangano calcite, rose quartz, aventurine, kunzite

Throat chakra:

Blue in colour

This chakra sits in the middle of the throat area and maybe affected if one has not spoken their emotions, if they have been told to keep quiet. People may suffer with a sore throat or tonsillitis. Crystals used to help could be : blue lace agate, celestite, blue coral, aqua aura

Brow chakra:

Indigo in colour

Just above the eyes but in the middle of them. People maybe experiencing head aches, problems with vision. This chakra is connected to the perineal gland. Emotionally people may lack insight. Crystals used could be: lapis lazuli, chariot, blue kunzite

Crown Chakra:

White/clear/purple in colour

The crown chakra is what allows us to link with higher states of consciousness. It is where information out of our ordinary states of day to day life come from.

If out of balance it can be what disconnects us from ourselves, we lose our connection to spirit. Like if we drink too much alcohol, becoming disorientated, this is when the crown chakra is out of balance.

Crystal Healing

If healing with crystals, I would work out where the problem was and use the crystal that would work best with that particular issue. I would use my intuition as to which one would work best.

Other uses of crystals:

Not only can crystals be used for healing they can be used for day to day care such as:

  1. In the home around computers and WiFi.
  1. To create a healing grid to clear energy in a space outside or inside.
  1. As jewellery to strengthen a specific area.
  1. Creating crystal grids for creativity as well as to increase positive energy.
  1. To use during meditation.
  1. To store information eg for exams
  1. To connect with angels or those who have passed away.
  1. As a keyring to protect a car or other vehicle.
  1. Crystal bowls to use for sound healing.
  1. For a good nights sleep under the pillow.
  1. Used in water to create a tincture or bring for example love into the water we drink.
  2. In the garden to connect with the energies in the garden.
  3. Really lovely for animals in distress by putting one in a collar.

My best advice would be to look up a specific name of a crystal you would be interested in and see how it could be of benefit.

Where to buy crystals?

It’s really important when buying crystals that they come from an authentic source. It is very easy for people to sell fakes. Buying online can be tricky. Here are a few people I buy crystals from as I know they are genuine (Geofossils) and (Spirit Waker )

Crystals can vary in cost but in my opinion are worth every penny as in each crystal holds a spirit which when connected with will improve your life no matter what.

Personal History/recommendations

What drew me to crystals were the dreams that I had about them. I would wake up and be told by my guides to work or meditate with a particular crystal. I walked into a lovely shop in 2012 and chose my first pocket size bag of crystals. It is quite something to go into a shop like that and see the array available.

It was at this same shop that I gained my two year crystal diploma. If anyone is interested in learning about crystals my suggestion would be to work with a starter kit with the 7 chakra colours in and work with one at a time. A lovely thing to do is to lie down and place the crystal of the appropriate colour on the specific chakra and just feel the buzz and relaxation that comes from it.

Cleaning Crystals

Just like anything we use to clear energy that item needs to be cleaned too. When using crystals to clear negative energy from the body the crystal then stores the energy. So it must be released.

Smudging Crystals
Some ways to clear crystals are:

With white sage by holding it and smudging the crystal

By running them in a stream, river or sea holding onto them tightly or if not possible under a tap.

Cleansing them in a bowl of salt and water ( being careful with this as the salt can scratch some crystals…best to check first)

By putting them in a pot of soil but remembering where they were put.

Also crystals need to be energised so they work to their best potential by:

Leaving them out in the sun ( although some crystals will change colour long term in the sun)

Leaving by the moon especially a full or new moon

By sending sound waves with ‘ tingsha bells’ or singing bowls through them

Each crystal has its own spirit and if handled with care it will look after you in return.

I hope you have found this interesting for further advice please get in contact with me on Contact Me

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