What is a shaman

The word ‘Shaman’ describes a spiritual leader who works with universal energies (earth, air, fire and water) to bring balance in the upper lower & middle worlds. It is this energy that is used in Shamanic Healing. The upper world connects us to spirit, the middle world is earth in existence and the lower world is where our spirit animals lie to take us deep under the earth to explore different realms of existence. What happens on the outside is always happening on the inside. At the centre of it all is ‘the heart’ that radiates out to connect all back to source when anything is out of balance.

Shamans can be found worldwide my training originating from South America. 

Connection between the worlds

What is happening out there?

What drew me most to this work was how in today’s society we have become out of balance losing our connection with the earth and ourselves often feeling ungrounded and unsafe. We have become so busy with work, phones and computers often not stopping and more so our younger generation, that we don’t know how to reconnect with ourselves anymore. As a result of being disconnected it can lead to disease within the body, anxiety, trauma and stress. 

shamanic healing
Smudging to clear negative energies.

Blocking emotion and trauma

When we were younger we were taught to block emotion as having emotion was seen as a weakness. We were taught to use many things to block these emotions starting with food, sweets anything to stop us from crying out. Then we grew up and used alcohol, sex, drugs and anything to get away from that voice within who was desperately calling out for us to stop. The stronger the addiction the further away from our bodies we become when all we really wanted was to feel safe and grounded. It is important to feel strong within our bodies connected with the earth ways again. The problem with blocking emotion is that the emotion gets trapped in the body and if not released causes pain and disease. Much of today’s illnesses are caused this way. The best way to turn this around is by sitting with emotion allowing it to come in and out. It can be easier for some and harder for others.  The art of being still and connecting with that part of us that just wants to be loved is the key.  

Try this inner child meditation

How can I help you

The healing techniques I use work with the four base elements earth, air, fire ,water and at the centre of it all, ‘the heart centre’ which always brings union and balance back to self. Sometimes it easier to get to those wounds or splinters with a bit of help. Often we can struggle on our own but with a bit of help great changes can happen. 

I carry out healings with the client lying down, using shamanic tools such as a drum, rattle, crystals and call in the energy most needed in the clients body at that time. This is done by working within ‘the three worlds’ ‘the heart centre’, source or all that is. These tools help to shift trapped blocked energy within the body so that the body can move freely again. Trauma over time can be released, it may not happen straight way, it may need to be broken down to allow the body to heal. If we take something away we always have to put something back the best thing being love. 

I also really like more in-depth healing using the cacao bean or raw chocolate which is made into a delicious liquid that once drunk allows the body to rest and come back to the heart centre where we feel safe and held again.  

Even better still I will reconnect those with nature and source that was forgotten which can be restored again.  

My aim is to bring the body back to peace and harmony again by reminding those of the importance of going outside in nature, turning off our phones and other devices where I can help one move into their emotional trauma held in the body so it can be released.  

I also use hypnotherapy tools to work with change of mindset as what we think we create and if something is causing us disease we don’t want to create more of it we want to create a new view on life and this is what I am here to do.  

My top advice is: change can only happen if we really want it to. Sometimes making these changes however big or small can take some courage and I am here to help you. These steps are taken one day at a time no matter how big or small but if we keep moving we are moving away from something old that no longer serves us to something new. Like a serpent shedding its skin so a new one can grow.  

Power animals

A powerful tool used by a shaman is a power animal these are very protective allies that once connected with can support us on our journey. These can be big or small but by working with them and through them we get taken to the hardest yet most beautiful spaces. In the darkest of places is where the light always comes through. Let me help you be the torch in the dark as a Natural Wisdom Leader I can help you along your way. Each journey being individual as each of us is connected yet on our own but knowing this leads to our own transformation.  

Self belief

Along my journey I didn’t know what is was to have power I always gave it away as I didn’t believe in myself and I didn’t love myself enough. Have you lost your power? Who or what have you given it away to? Would you like to call it back and get yourself strong again? The key to all of this is love and a lot of it. That little kid inside of you who wants to play who we forgot about is crying out for you to love them more and more. This is the key to addiction if we really focussed on loving ourselves deeply within, all that was blocking the way would be gone. We have become caged in, would you like to spread your wings and fly and allow that spirit from within to dance again? 

Time to start again

If these words speak to you as they once did for me I would really love to help you on your journey? If you feel attuned to these words pick up your phone give me a call and we can start your journey of change spreading those wings flying high yet supported by the earth holding us close as we surrender to the dance on ‘PachaMama’ ‘Mother Earth’ again. 

If you’d like to know more about Shamanic Healing then please contact me by clicking here.

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